What is AG Core?

4 minute read • Last updated 2023-11-29

The AG Core plugin has been developed to offer improved communication between our plugins and Astute Manager. This will be fundamental in our plans to facilitate more training material and offer future services including improved Illustrator settings back up.

You (our customers) will be able to assist us with future tool developments through the optional collection of product usage data.

Please scroll down to What data is collected and how? For more information on this.

The AG Core Plugin will become integral to displaying relevant training material.

  • Allowing the addition of interactive help within the plugin.

  • Making it easier to discover features beneficial to you and your workflow.

  • Allowing Illustrator settings back-up so that you can quickly restore a corrupted version of Illustrator.

  • Providing teams with the ability to synchronise resources e.g. texture libraries

The above features (and more) will be rolled out over time as we need to collect data for several months before beginning to enable these things.

The Astute Manager will automatically install and update AG Core as it now becomes integral to the running of Astute Manager.

If you uninstall AG Core, this will cause your plugins to fail and all plugins in Illustrator will show with an error code.

If the plugins report a problem with the AG Core plugin in Illustrator, please follow this procedure:

  1. Ensure that you have quit all versions of Illustrator >

  2. In the Astute Manager, go to Settings >

  3. Scroll down to AG Core plugin >

  4. Click on Reset AG Core plugin.

Your plugins will now function as normal.

Please note that having AG Core installed does not mean that your data is being collected unless you have opted in.

What data is collected and how?
Plugin usage data collection is optional and can be opted out of at any time, but we strive to understand how you use our service so we can better meet the needs of our users.

The data collected does not track the artwork you are working on inside Illustrator, or how long you have spent in Illustrator. We will not be able to see how the plugins are being used, only which plugins have been used. Most importantly, none of the data we collect will be passed to third parties.

We collect data only for internal reporting to assist us with future product development and to understand how our service is used.

Please see the Privacy Policy for full information.

What happens if I opt out?
You can opt out at any time from the My account page in the Astute Manager and your Astute Graphics plugins will continue to function as normal. The consequence would simply be that as communication between our plugins and Astute Manager develops, we won’t be able to offer you the tailored training material or time-saving tool suggestions.

My subscription is part of a Team, who handles my data collection?
If you are a member of a Team, then your Team Owner, Team Manager or Team Leader will be responsible for turning this on/off.

  • If your Team License was purchased directly by your company

Only your Team Owner has permission to control all plugin data collection settings for the Team.

  • If your Team License was purchased via a Reseller

Only the Team Manager and Team Leader have permissions to control all plugin data collection settings for the Team.

You can read more about this in the Data Collection for Teams FAQ.