Illustrator v25.3 Compatibility

3 minute read • Last updated 2022-10-12

Please note that further versions of Illustrator have been released since this article was published. We remain compatible with the most up to date versions of Illustrator. Full details of compatibility can be viewed here.

Our Illustrator v25.3 compatible plugin updates are now available!

Our latest compatibility update replaces our current 2021 (up to v25.2.x) installation, meaning that we remain fully 2021 compatible with all latest Adobe releases.

Full details of all Astute Graphics v25.3 compatibility technical updates are available to view here.

Please see the following support articles for more advice:

About Illustrator v25.3

Illustrator v25.3 is a significant release bringing with it:

Read more about this major Illustrator update

As always, compatibility update news will always be posted to our social channels ( Facebook / Twitter / Instagram ).

Support for public beta versions of Illustrator

Astute Graphics does not provide updates for active public beta versions of Adobe Illustrator made available via the Adobe Creative Cloud ... Beta apps. These v25.3 updates to plugins for Adobe Illustrator are only intended for the fully released version and installed/updated through the Astute Manager.

We are unable to provide support for current or future versions of Adobe Illustrator public beta releases.