MirrorMe is now FREE!

MirrorMe is now FREE!

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Seven years ago, Astute Graphics released our live symmetry tool, MirrorMe. It became part of our suite of plugins and has remained a firm favourite ever since. 

We know times are hard for designers right now, we already offer TWO FREE PLUGINS but we wanted to give you a third, something creative, and what better tool than MirrorMe

So what is MirrorMe?

MirrorMe delivers live symmetry functionality, enabling you to mirror your artwork instantly on one single or multiple reflective axes (up to 72). Once you master the tool it will become an essential part of your daily vector design workflow. Each layer can have its own live symmetry for ultimate flexibility.

If you decide to subscribe then (aside from the 4 free plugins) you can add 16 more plugins to your design arsenal. DynamicSketch is especially useful with MirrorMe, as the two work seamlessly to bring you true live, mirrored sketching. Without DynamicSketch you still get live symmetry, but the objects show once you finish sketching.

What can I make with MirrorMe?

MirrorMe is perfect for logo design, symmetrical designs, characters, patterns, and fractal and kaleidoscope effects. It aids simplicity, whilst making it more fun to work. Recycle your existing artwork elements into exciting new designs and patterns within seconds. See the transformation right before your eyes! Enhance the effective results with Illustrator's pattern tool. The creative possibilities are endless!

Here are two short videos showing the versatility of MirrorMe. You can also check out the full MirrorMe playlist on YouTube.

How can I get MirrorMe for free?

To download MirrorMe along with DirectPrefs and Autosaviour, just start a free trial and they plugins will install easily into your Illustrator.

How much will it cost to get the rest of your plugins?

Once you have completed the FREE 7 day trial, you won’t be charged. If however, you decide that you want to add the rest of the suite to your daily workflow, here are some details on what happens next. The Annual Plan is $139 per year and that includes all plugin updates, OS upgrades, free resources, and access to our community where you can also get to trial and beta test new products.

What if I am in a team - do you do team licensing?

Yes we do support teams, all the information you need can be found in these two helpful links: 

Business information

How team licensing works

Will these plugins help my workflow then?

We strongly believe so, that's why we continue to add new plugins and invest in making them better and better. Need convincing? In spring 2020, we conducted a survey to both subscribers and non-customers. The findings regarding time-saving were massive. Here are the key findings as a snapshot: 

  • With Astute Graphics, you can save yourself more than $8,500 USD based on averages each year.

  • At $100 per hour*, you’ve saved yourself $58. Every day. At the start of the 3rd day, you’ve paid off the $139 initial year subscription.

  • The average (mean value) time saving = 35 minutes per customer per day.

*Based on the independent Benchmark survey (2019) for design agencies under £1M turnover, 2019.

Here are the detailed and unfiltered results for the key questions from 183 respondents.

Our plugins pay for themselves after just 3 days

Here are the details for the rest of the recent survey: Astute Graphics 'Big Listen' Customer Survey

What else do I need to know?

Check out our testimonials here - see what the top name designers and studios think!

We have over 800 videos on our YouTube channel covering every single plugin we've made. We have support on our website in our SUPPORT page and regular blogs in our LEARN section.

We have a community Slack Channel where we talk to our customers, share feedback and also take feature requests from our community. We also hold regular webinars where we demonstrate workflows and offer sneak peeks of some of our yet to be released plugins. Additionally, we occasionally hold impromptu webinars with our CEO,  Nicholas van der Walle, these are called "The Rambling Illustrator" and here Nick takes requests for workflow and problem solving techniques.

Who else uses your plugins?

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