My license doesn't work

2 minute read • Last updated 2020-02-27

Please check the following details:

  • Please be advised that for successful installation you must quit Illustrator before installing. Please also ensure that your internet connection is stable throughout installation.

  • If you are on the Annual Service Plan we also advise deleting and removing all traces of Astute Graphics legacy plugins and any previous Astute Managers before downloading.

  • If you have installed using the Astute Manager and you have recently moved to a newer version of Illustrator, please ensure that you look for new instances of Ai in the settings panel of Astute Manager. Advice on this here.

  • If you're on the latest version of Illustrator and you think the plugin may have installed, but you do not see the Astute Graphics tools in the Illustrator toolbar, please ensure that you are using the advanced toolbar by selecting Window > Toolbars > Advanced.

  • If you haven't switched to the Annual Service Plan and rather than using Astute Manager you're installing using the older unified installer, firstly check that you are entering the plugin key into the correct activation box? Check for example, that you're not entering the ‘Stylism' license key into the 'Autosaviour' or ‘SubScribe' activation box. Please refer to the older unified installer installation method, if you have followed the guides correctly, the next step would be to check that you're not using an old/outdated version of your plugin. You can check that your plugin is up to date by checking the version of the plugin that you're using. If you are using an older version of a plugin, check that it is compatible with the version of Illustrator that you're using. If you're using a much older plugin it may be that it's pre your version of Illustrator.
  • If after checking the above your license still isn't working, please Contact Us with details of the plugin, your version of Illustrator and your operating system and one of the team will be happy to help you.

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