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Installing SubScribe v2

12th February 2019

Not ready to move to SubScribe v2?


SubScribe version 2 is released today as a major paid for upgrade. Among many other exciting new features and improvementsSubScribe v2 offers a new lock/unlock tool, enhanced operations and new intelligent tool combinations.

In line with our usual perpetual licensing model, if you are already a SubScribe v1 customer, discounted upgrades will be available for 1 month from the release date. If you're not ready to upgrade to version 2, you do still have the option to remain with version 1. Please refer to our advice on remaining with SubScribe version 1.


Installing SubScribe v2
  • On the installer step that lists all the plug-ins available to install, tick the box next to SubScribe.

  • If you have previously installed SubScribe v1, you will see the option to “Upgrade version 1 to 2”

  • Now click on the Install button to continue with the installation process.

Installing SubScribe v2? - Upgrade to SubScribe v2


For full advice on installing our plug-ins, please refer to our Installation Guide.

If you're not ready to upgrade or have installed a SubScribe v2 trial by mistake/unintentionally, please see our advice on Remaining with/Reinstalling SubScribe v1.

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Current Installer Version

We're currently on installer version v1.3.4


Major Upgrades

Dates for all major releases and upgrades can be found here – Plug-in Version History


For old installers, step by step advice on maintenance/reinstallation of any of the previous generation plug-ins, and previous upgrade discounts, please refer to the following advice – Maintaining or Reinstalling Previous Generation Plug-ins.


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