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CC2019 – What to do if you use our Plug-ins

15th October 2018




Adobe have announced the immediate availability of the Creative Cloud CC2019 at Adobe MAX 2018.

Can I upgrade to Adobe Illustrator CC2019 and keep my Astute Graphics plug-ins?

We advise you to wait. We are due to issue an upgrade to all current-version plug-ins, after which our plug-ins will be compatible for Illustrator CS6 through to the latest CC2019.

When will the plug-in updates appear?

We're currently working hard on the updates but can't provide an absolute timeline at present. Two weeks would be a good estimate, but we can't promise as there are some unique and involved areas that require attention. Not least the very unique new feature in Illustrator CC2019 where the User Interface can be scaled relative to the operating system. We don't believe that there is any other mainstream major application that offers this and it presents some unique challenges for us to match.

Oops. I've already upgraded to CC2019. What now?

You have three options in such a situation. Please read here for full details on what to do – CC2019 – What to do if you use our Plug-ins


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